VR Theme Park Rides is available on Google Daydream (Mirage Solo), HTC Viveport and STEAM VR

3 AWESOME Theme Parks, Each With 12 Great Rides

VR Theme Park Rides is a fun collection of twelve exciting VR-experiences featuring classic and thrilling theme park rides restyled in Classic Americana, African Safari and Christmas themes. Catering to enthusiasts of all experience levels, the collection includes something for everyone. Thrill-seekers will enjoy rides that hurl you through the air, while casual players will enjoy ground-based rides and the creepy castle of terror. Skip the line and step right up! No tickets required!

Castle Of Terror - Go for a scary ride in the creepy castle of terror
Wind Seeker - Do a vertical climb and go round in circles
Bumper Cars - The classic must-do ride at any theme park
Trumble Bug - A gentle and relaxing ground-based ride
Troika Trove - A real spinner with rapid turns for the daring
Roller Coaster - No theme park is complete without it!
Angry Octopus - The angry octopus invites you on a thrilling whirl
Super Flyer - Hang on tight for a breathtaking aerial experience
Awesome Airplane - No mercy in the skies as you rotate 360 degrees
Cliff Hanger - Your need for speed guaranteed
Little Teacup - The classic ride to those with fear of heights
Ferris Wheel - Up, up and up you go!






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